Giving back to the society

We aim to be sustainable as investors and as people and think it is important to give back to the society. We view sustainability as not being harmful to people, communities, environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term social and ecological balance. We commit to carrying out our activities in a sustainable manner to ensure diverse ecological environment and vibrant cultural, social and economic base for future generations.

We think it is important give back to the society. Our focus areas are people, community, environment and investing. Avaron is a founder and active member of Estonian Service Business Association that aims to improve the business environment of professional service companies in Estonia. We support Youth to Olympics foundation that funds young talent in sports and Back to School that channels inspirational professionals to give lectures in schools. We encourage our staff to take active role in the community by participating in these and other positive change initiative.

Avaron is a relatively small company in terms of its direct environmental footprint. Nevertheless it is important to measure our environmental impact and strive to improve wherever possible. To this end we monitor our electricity and water consumption and carbon footprint and aim to reduce these.