Investing in Avaron funds

Prospective investors should read the important information and fund documents carefully before investing.

Avaron investment funds are available for professional and private investors. Investors can invest in our funds via platforms, open a registry account at Swedbank or via their Estonian bank accounts.  

Instructions to buy Avaron funds

Professional investors can buy Avaron funds’ units through multiple platforms: 

  • Clearstream AFS
  • Euroclear FundSettle
  • Allfunds
  • MFEX
  • RBC Investor Services

Licensed professional investors can open a registry account at Avaron funds’ administrator Swedbank and submit an order to invest via e-mail/fax to Swedbank. Cut-off for all transactions is 10am CET. All trades settle T+3, no cash prepayment. 

Fill in the order form below and send it to Swedbank:

E-mail: and (send to both) or
Fax: +372 6131 822 and +372 6644 201 (send to both)

Avaron Emerging Europe Fund Buy/Sell Form Avaron Flexible Strategies Fund Buy/Sell Form

If you do not have a registry account open at Swedbank already: 

  1. Fill in the application form below and send it together with the documents referred to in the application form to Swedbank and Avaron:
    E-mail:; or fax: +372 6131 822
    Regular mail: Swedbank AS, Att. Fund Services / Transfer Agency
    Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia
  2. Your account will be opened within a few days and you can make the subscription the same day.
  3. Holding fund units at Swedbank is free of charge.
Application form

Private investors and companies can buy Avaron funds via the following Estonian banks. 


Swedbank’s clients can invest into Avaron funds as follows:

  1. Click here to insert a fund order in Swedbank and log in with your credentials
  2. Write ”Avaron” into the Fund name box and click “Search”
  3. Choose “Buy” under the “Actions” button beside the Avaron fund you wish to invest into
  4. Insert the EUR amount you wish to invest
  5. Press “Control” and then “Confirm”
  6. You have successfully invested into Avaron fund

In order to invest into Avaron funds through Swedbank you need to have a securities account open. Instructions for opening a securities account: private persons and companies

Something went wrong? Detailed instructions for buying Avaron funds: private persons and companies

Buy Avaron funds to Swedbank account - Fund order

LHV’s clients can invest into Avaron funds as follows:

  1. Log in to LHV’s internet bank
  2. From the “Investing” side menu choose “Buy-Sell” and “Fund units”
  3. Choose the cash account from which you wish to invest
  4. Fill in the order form:
  5. “Transaction”: buy
  6. “Fund unit”: from the drop-down menu choose the Avaron fund you wish to buy
  7. “Amount”: Insert the EUR amount you wish to invest
  8. Press “Preview” and “Accept”
  9. You have successfully invested into Avaron fund

Detailed instructions for buying Avaron funds

Buy Avaron funds to LHV account

SEB clients can buy Avaron funds through private banking or by visiting a bank branch.

In order to buy Avaron funds via SEB, you need to open an intra-bank securities account. You can open the account conveniently through internet bank.

Instructions for opening a securities account: private persons and companies

Buying fund through a bank branch:

Go to SEB bank branch and ask the bank teller the following: “I would like to buy Avaron Flexible Strategies Fund/Avaron Emerging Europe Fund for x EUR”.

Bank teller will submit the fund subscription order.
In case the bank teller has questions, please ask him/her to contact Avaron +372 5698 1140 or +372 511 2242 or to send an e-mail to

If you already have Avaron fund units on your SEB account you can make an additional investment through the internet bank.

Ask for more information

Tel: +372 511 2242

Important information
Subscription of Avaron funds should be made on the basis of the funds’ prospectus and key investor information, the relevant fund rules or articles of association and the latest available annual or semi-annual reports. Past performance is not a guarantee or indicative of future results. The funds may be profitable or make losses. There is no guarantee that investors will get back the amount invested in the funds or that it will grow. An investment in the funds entails risks, some of which are described in the prospectus of the funds. Investors should be aware of the high risks associated with investments in emerging markets such as Central and Eastern Europe. Due to the funds’ investment policy, the net asset value of a fund unit or share may be highly volatile; therefore, an investor should have a long term investment perspective (at least 5 years). Avaron shall reject an investment into the funds if the investor is not eligible to invest based on applicable securities legislation.